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St Alexanders Kitchen – 130A Alexander Ave Thomastown

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Inspired by the vintage Brunswick culture, the Saleh family have opened up a hidden gem just under our noses, in the heart of Thomastown. No matter what season the outdoor courtyard with its iron-wood heaters, makes it perfect for an after work sip or a satisfying hearty meal in the colder months. The courtyard walls are drenched with street art and the landscaping is extremely organic and playful with its white picket fences, vintage lawn furniture and fairy lights draping above like a blanket of twinkling stars. The decor is an eclectic collection of old and new. Modern stainless steels mixed with vintage furniture such as old typewriters, television sets and brass trinkets surround the room.

Taking their experience from working in such restaurants as Grossi Florentino on Bourke and The Italian now on Collins the menu is saturated with integrity. Everything from the pasta to the strawberry eton mess is home-made and delicious. The menu throughout although supplying traditional meals has a modern urban twist. Examples of this include; the mouth watering stacked pancakes with orange mascarpone and mixed berry compote or the traditional florentine served with sauteed spinach and herb mushrooms on a potato rosti drizzled with hollandaise.

Being the food connoisseurs that we think we are, we thought we’d try something for the vegetarian and the meat lover. Taking Mark Saleh’s recommendation, we were lucky enough to indulge in the vegetarian risotto made with butternut pumpkin, fried eggplant, spicy zucchini, goats cheese and tangy lemon zest. Although absolutely scrumptious we couldn’t resist the sight of the rustic sausage and peppers pizza. But it wasn’t over there, being the undeniable sweet lovers that we are, dessert wasn’t even a question. To satisfy our sweet tooth we couldn’t go past the white chocolate Nutella pizza served with vanilla bean ice-cream (We are still salivating thinking about this now!).


By this time we were extremely satisfied, even more so upon receiving our bill, on the discovery of how incredibly priced our banquet actually was! With prices from as little as $3.50 for breakfast (fruit toast with condiments) to the most being $15 (seafood pasta) for a main, you will encounter a delectable meal at an affordable price.

What we really loved most about our experience was the great atmosphere and vibe the Saleh family has brought to St Alexanders Kitchen. It was great a pleasure and honor to see the unity of this talented family and we will surely be returning soon.


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Ok here at street cred we are not ALL about fashion but food, music, art AND and building lifestyles.

There is a hidden gem in Melbourne and I know maybe writing about will expose its glory and over populate it BUT we want EVERYONE to enjoy this experience as much as we did!!!


Ok so in 1928 this dude Leon Satanovich fled from Russia to Australia and based himself in Melbourne sadly after seeing his family perish back home. Leon had a few jobs one being a cleaner but in his heart he was an entrepreneurial man and a vodka maker..just like his grandfather.

The name naked for Satan came from obviously his surname but as every Aussie has a nickname Santanovich was way to long, so Satan it was!

Long story short, during the Great Depression alcohol was expensive and rare, so Satan would share his secret creation with anyone that would help. Oh did I forget to mention that?!?! It was a secret location and empty warehouse space in Fitzroy ( the hidden gem)

During Summer in Melbourne the heat coupled with the steam coming off the boilers was almost unbearable for Satan so we would work day after day in his undies, so that’s how he coined the phrase “Naked for Satan”

Now back in the day this place was such a secret that for those who would partake in the experience would only be allowed in if they use the super secret phrase “Lets get naked for Satan”….

If you want to enjoy the amazing drinks and spanish tapas for only $2.00 each (and .50 cents during the hours of 2.00 and 4.00) visit Naked for Satan at ..



Melbourne, Australia

(03) 9416 2238

LMFF 2012 Countdown

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If you are massive LMFF fan like we are…you know that the LMFF show for 2011 has been and gone and it was fabulous however in March at 312 days from now the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival will commence YAY!

LMFF is an annual celebration that features fashion, design, business and creative endeavours. It brings industry people from all over the world to Melbourne, and definitely has put us on the fashion map!

The Melbourne Fashion Festival Ltd was established in 1996 as a not for profit organisation (bet you didn’t know that) to promote the Australian fashion industry, stimulate sales and present Melbourne as a centre of design excellence.

Currently LMFF has become Australia’s premium consumer fashion event offering more than just a fashion show over the month but parties, fashion forums, international shows and a sense of inspiration.  LMFF continues to inspire and connect the designers, consumers & retailers who keep Australian fashion alive!     

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Please go to to check out any further info about LMFF 2012…The site is amazing to look at and full of interesting images and facts about new and existing designers, photographers and models…


New Website – AFG

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AFG is the new one stop ultimate fashion guide


Australian Fashion Guide is a fashion website that really pushes the boundaries! I actually know the guys that run this and I must say this website is moving faster than a hurricane. It just amazes me how fast they managed to get a team together and launch this fabulous site….GREAT JOB!

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Lets get down to the deets! This site offers style and beauty advice to both men and women, informs community of any events and promo’s, offered online through the AFG Club, listings of cool mags for both male and female fashionistas, AFG TV link, MYER event listings and special offers, opportunities to book a holiday to your fave destination after you look fabulous in all your new clothing & beauty purchases WOW, WOW,  WOW let me catch my breath….and if you thought they could not possibly offer ANYTHING else…THEY HAVE…

a soon to be released online fashion search engine to cut searching for your favourite products and brands by half the time! All you do, is type in what you are looking for and VOILA’ – a listing will appear of where you can find it.

I could seriously spend hours on this site

You can also follow AFG on Twitter and Facebook


Cherrytree Road – Smokey Glade Collection

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The dudes from Cherrytree just keep brightening our day. Exclusive photos were sent to us from the creative director Jared himself –  who is super nice and friendly – so that our spunky little street-creders can have a look-see! You know some guys find it really hard to sport a colour T or steer away from any colour other than black, grey or white….(which i must say is totally on the fashion mark at the mo!) BUT…if you wanna liven up your look and inject some sex appeal here’s the way to do it! There is nothing sexier than a guy supporting his super skinnies with a belt! YEE-AAAA!

PS.. Ladies although marketed at boys, they are completely uni-sex….Shhhhhhhh I am going to ask Jared if I can have one too!

I love them all….support cherrytree!

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Thread Den Sewing Lounge

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A place for all things VINTAGE

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Thread Den is the much-loved creation of four women from different backgrounds, who bonded over their shared love of fashion and all things vintage.

Basically this very cool establishment houses some extreme Melbourne talent. The thread den offers sewing classes for tiny tots and adults as well as offering a chance for up and coming designers to book facilities and space to design and create their collections. Check out the website and see what events they have coming up!

North Melbourne Level 1, 16 Errol St
North Melbourne, VIC Australia
(Entrance via Webbs Lane)

03 9329 5305

Fitzroy 422 Brunswick Street
Fitzroy, VIC Australia

03 9486 9821

If toby could talk. — we would listen..

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Young melbourne brand fresh out of Fitzroy. A branch off from designer giant bronze snake, we love everything this label has to offer for our men.

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