One Op Fashion Show @ Circus Nightclub

It seems charity fashion events are .. well.. in fashion. The first year event management

Diandra Haddow, Micheal Steenhuis, Alexandra Kristekakis, Opal Vagelatos

students of Swinburne University Prahran hosted the One Op Fashion Show @ Circus Nightclub on Friday the 8th October. streetcredthread went along with Mitch Gobel from Plae Time photography to bring you the best from the show.

Alexandra Christakakis (20) Opal Vagelatos (19) Diandra Haddow & Michael Steenhuis (18) had to come up with an event concept, and a panel of teachers selected their event out of many to be staged. Most of the material used in the designs throughout the night were recyclable and money raised  was to be donated to the salvation army. Prizes in the form of $400 worth of jewellery were handed out throughout the evening, from three separate raffles.

Red Dress by Mellina

Most importantly, the showcase of student fashion was well above usual standard. Designs by Mellina featured lace with monotone colours on both structured and flowing pieces. All of her garments were hand made and sewn by Mellina herself. My favourite items were a red chiffon dress with black beading on the front and  a black lace back and a 50s inspired black bodycon dress with a loveheart neckline.

Event host Opal Vagelatos also presented a collection of clothing as part of her night fashion course. Garments included a fairy-tale gone wrong hoodie, a stunning rouched denim and floral print dress and a yellow maxi dress.

The final show by George was impeccable. George clothing is available for purchase in Melbourne, and the label has some pieces that I would trade my leopard print leggings for. My favourite piece of the entire night was a cropped brown leather and suede jacket worn by my favourite model of the night, Andrea Plowman.

This girl is stunning. Seriously. When talking to her she stands about a head higher than me,

Andrea Plowman

and I was in 7 inch heels. Andrea will sadly be leaving us in February but for a good reason; she has been signed with an agent in Sydney who plan to send her across to the states. All the best Andrea, we will be keeping a close eye on you!

The night wrapped up with gift bags and huge thanks to family and friends.

If you would like to host an event or have your birthday at Circus Nightclub, or if you just want a great night out, contact:

199 Commercial Road
South Yarra

03 9804 8605

The boys are lovely and are happy to cater for any of your needs.



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17 Responses to “One Op Fashion Show @ Circus Nightclub”

  1. Alexandra Christakakis Says:

    Thanks guys! We’re very impressed 🙂 But you spelt my surname wrong, never’s Christakakis. Cheers!

  2. And dont forget me… Diandra Haddow. I was part of the event group!

  3. All changed ladies thankyou x

  4. What an amazing show!!!

  5. It was so good being a part of this and having students like myself showcase their work! 🙂

  6. Sally Dickinson Says:

    Thanks so much for letting me show my creations!!
    Was great to see them on the catwalk..
    Great event!

  7. Thanks for that guys!!

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