A close look at Bronzesnake Fitzroy

Exciting times lay ahead for Melbourne fashion lovers. For all the trendy whatsits who maintain an advantage of being three steps ahead of current trends, Bronzesnake Fitzroy is opening another store on Chapel Street in South Yarra. Hooray!

Probably Melbourne’s best kept secret, Bronzesnake is located on Johnston street – just spitting distance from Brunswick St. In fact if you wanted to throw stuff at the people on Brunswick street, you would probably hit them.

The owners and staff of the store; Dave, Anth, Paris,  and Ursola…. oh and Borris.. their turtle, started up in 2006 because they couldn’t find anywhere that sold ‘affordable’ and ‘different’ pieces. And yes, a combination of the two is quite rare. Well I thought so, until I started finding myself at the store on a regular basis.

“We didn’t want to have to fork out $400 in order to have something that no one else did”, and so this heroic team decided to create an option for exclusive items at prices that wont break the bank — “so you could spend your money on booze,” Paris said.

The stereotypical customer is usually hungover, loves hanging out at Fitzroy pubs and bars – be it dirty or ultra sophisticated. Likewise, they are all looking to stand out without breaking the bank. In the time that i was there, store traffic included two very alternative girls (one of which was quite happy to roam the store in her underwear whilst looking for more options), a young guy – very trendy – flanked by two of his female friends who kept offering him advice but he ignored them, and a hippy woman who looked like she got lost but was happy to look around and who ended up buying some jewellery.

The store stocks brands such as (one of my personal favourites for guys) If Toby Could Talk, Cassette Society, Maxim and Purple Ginger to name a few, and all at great prices.

When asked about her favourite trends of all time, (after obvious deliberation and long thought) Paris decided on the power look by women in the 80’s, and for men, the classic clean cut suiting of the 1940’s.

And I couldn’t agree more.


B  R  O  N  Z  E  S  N  A  K  E.
P | 03 9417 7997

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