Plae Time Photography

Mitch Gobel first started taking photo’s when he received a camera for his 12th birthday, and used to shoot his brothers riding their motorbikes around a track that they built on their farm.

He created his own personal brand, Plae Time Photography, because the club photography industry is so repetitive. “All the photo’s are great, but I wanted more. Anyone can take a photo of a pretty girl smiling at the camera.” Instead, Mitch captures the feel of the club within each of his photo’s – whether it be sexy, alternative or “more than often dirty.” Most of the photo’s Mitch takes aren’t ones that he would show to his parents, but he likes it that way. And so do we.

Mitch takes his snaps with a canon EOS7d body, a sigma 18-50mm lens and a canon 580 ex ii flash, which “[He’ll] be working to pay off for the next year.” When asked why he likes taking photo’s of complete strangers, he responds;

When I’m taking photos in a club people let their guard down for those few shots, you see their real personality, no bullshit. I’ve learnt a lot about people through seeing their photos. That’s why i love it, it’s like an X-ray of someone’s personality.

You will probably find Mitch at all of the best underground and commercial clubs in Melbourne – friday and saturday nights. His favourite place to shoot is at Cushion (On Fitzroy Street, St Kilda) because of the venue – which he believes is better than some photography studios he has been in – and the crowd.

The low roof, painted white enables you to bounce the flash off it with neutral colour and perfect exposure, the photos are amazing! The crowd are all good looking, not too wasted or completely out of it, and they are older. It is the perfect combination and you’ll see that in the photos.

Mitch also hides behind his lens at at what he calls his ‘home club,’ Wah Wah (Waratah Ave, CBD). Alternative and individually inspired fashion is how you can lure Mitch into following you around with his camera. The photo’s that he produces aren’t glamorous or sparkly – they show the true atmosphere of the club and capture the individuals personality in that moment – a reality.

Also i plan to start a competition each month for photo of the month. After each shoot i do there’s always a few great shots that I remember, I want to put these together at the end of each month, select who i think would be best and do a portfolio style shoot with the winner. I see any work i do as a learning experience and the more varied work i can do the better. By doing portfolio it’s attracts a different buyer, aimed at modelling agents. Guess I’ll have to see how that turns out.

At the moment, Mitch is waiting to see just how far he can take his photography, and doing his utmost to promote the label. Streetcredthread hopes to work in conjunction with Plae Time Photography in the future, whether it be shooting fashion shows, our own portfolios or our own artwork. Which might work well, considering that ultimately Mitch wants to end up shooting models and runway shows.

Plae Time currently operates on a Facebook page, where it is easier for people to obtain the photo’s that he has taken of them whilst out partying on the weekend. Simply add Plae Time photography on Facebook, and if you bump into Mitch and his camera one weekend, you can find the photo’s on the page and tag yourself.

Simple! If you want to hire Mitch to photograph your event, club night, birthday, etc etc… email him on

We will be keeping an eye on you Mitchy.


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