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Ok here at street cred we are not ALL about fashion but food, music, art AND and building lifestyles.

There is a hidden gem in Melbourne and I know maybe writing about will expose its glory and over populate it BUT we want EVERYONE to enjoy this experience as much as we did!!!


Ok so in 1928 this dude Leon Satanovich fled from Russia to Australia and based himself in Melbourne sadly after seeing his family perish back home. Leon had a few jobs one being a cleaner but in his heart he was an entrepreneurial man and a vodka maker..just like his grandfather.

The name naked for Satan came from obviously his surname but as every Aussie has a nickname Santanovich was way to long, so Satan it was!

Long story short, during the Great Depression alcohol was expensive and rare, so Satan would share his secret creation with anyone that would help. Oh did I forget to mention that?!?! It was a secret location and empty warehouse space in Fitzroy ( the hidden gem)

During Summer in Melbourne the heat coupled with the steam coming off the boilers was almost unbearable for Satan so we would work day after day in his undies, so that’s how he coined the phrase “Naked for Satan”

Now back in the day this place was such a secret that for those who would partake in the experience would only be allowed in if they use the super secret phrase “Lets get naked for Satan”….

If you want to enjoy the amazing drinks and spanish tapas for only $2.00 each (and .50 cents during the hours of 2.00 and 4.00) visit Naked for Satan at ..



Melbourne, Australia

(03) 9416 2238


LMFF 2012 Countdown

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If you are massive LMFF fan like we are…you know that the LMFF show for 2011 has been and gone and it was fabulous however in March at 312 days from now the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival will commence YAY!

LMFF is an annual celebration that features fashion, design, business and creative endeavours. It brings industry people from all over the world to Melbourne, and definitely has put us on the fashion map!

The Melbourne Fashion Festival Ltd was established in 1996 as a not for profit organisation (bet you didn’t know that) to promote the Australian fashion industry, stimulate sales and present Melbourne as a centre of design excellence.

Currently LMFF has become Australia’s premium consumer fashion event offering more than just a fashion show over the month but parties, fashion forums, international shows and a sense of inspiration.  LMFF continues to inspire and connect the designers, consumers & retailers who keep Australian fashion alive!     

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Please go to to check out any further info about LMFF 2012…The site is amazing to look at and full of interesting images and facts about new and existing designers, photographers and models…



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He’s coming to AUS!

He has taken the TV and Fashion worlds by storm, and is an internationally renowned author. Gok Wan never thought he would be someone who people would one day aspire to be like, however now his title falls no shorter than that of ‘guru.’ In an Australian first, Gok is teaming up with shopping centre giant Westfield in order to launch the Westfield Styling Tour accross the country! He will be visiting Westfield stores in VIC, NSW, QLD and SA so stay tuned for more information and permanent marker the tour dates into your calendar!

And big kudo’s to Westfield for continuously providing Australian women with style advise, help and most importantly, amazing places to shop! For your nearest Westfield store and all the Gok tour dates head to


Westfield today announced that it will play host to one of Britain’s top fashion gurus, Gok Wan, for a national tour that shoppers across the country won’t want to miss.

Fashion stylist to the stars, author and host of TV show How To Look Good Naked and Fashion Fix, Gok will hit our shores late March, embarking on a national tour with Westfield’s talented team of Stylists on the Westfield Style Tour.

Taking Aussie women under his wing, Gok will share his style tips through a series of revealing makeover sessions, showing ladies how to maximise their body shape with this season’s trends from the best Australian retailers.

Launching Westfield’s team of Stylists and services, the Westfield Style Tour will hit the road for 10 days – bringing Gok’s brand of bold, brassy and interactive fashion fun to Westfield centres in NSW, ACT, SA, QLD and VIC. During each show, one lucky winner from Westfield’s online ‘Win a Makeover with Gok’ competition will receive a full makeover, along with selected audience members.

Commenting on the tour from his home in London, Gok said, “I can’t wait to get Down Under. I love Australians and wish I could spend more time there! It’ll be fantastic to see what looks everyone’s wearing because every country has its own unique style.”

The Westfield Style Tour will further bolster Westfield’s position as the destination for style inspiration and guidance, translating the latest Autumn Winter trends into real fashion for different body shapes.

With services available 24/7 at home and in-centre, Australians can get style-savvy with the following services from the Westfield Stylists:

Free 15 minute one-on-one Style Sessions – Launching mid March, these sessions will take place with Westfield Stylists at Style Lounges in selected Westfield centres; Personal Style Sessions – A current favourite, these in-depth, personalised shopping experiences start from one hour, with a Westfield Stylist in-centre; Style Workshop – Sessions designed specifically for larger groups, the Style Workshop offers tips and advice for an audience of 30+ shoppers; ‘Ask A Stylist’ – This brand new online function joins the Westfield Style stable from mid March allowing shoppers to seek professional style guidance at and receive free, personalised advice from a Westfield Stylist within 24 hours.

“We’re excited to be expanding our Westfield Stylists offering and can’t wait to bring Gok to Australia to help kick it off. Whether you’re visiting a Westfield centre, or seeking style advice online, Westfield will show you how the latest trends from leading Australian retailers are right for you,” said John Batistich, General Manager Marketing, Westfield.

For the chance to be in the running to ‘Win a Makeover with Gok’, visit for more details.


Thursday, March 31 Westfield Parramatta 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Friday, April 1 Westfield Miranda 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Saturday, April 2 Westfield Belconnen 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Sunday, April 3 Westfield Kotara 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Tuesday, April 5 Westfield Hornsby 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Wednesday, April 6 Westfield Marion 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Thursday, April 7 Westfield Chermside 6.00pm – 7.00pm
Friday, April 8 Westfield Carindale 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Saturday, April 9 Westfield Southland 12.30pm – 1.30pm
Sunday, April 10 Westfield Fountain Gate 12.30pm – 1.30pm  

A Close look at Melbourne’s hottest new label: Amie & Me

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Best friends and entrepreneurs Amy De Forest and Ammie Doherty are stitching their signature into Melbourne’s fashion scene. Their two year-old label is as imaginative as it is visionary, and is generating it’s own publicity and a wide interest amongst young Melbourne trend-setters.

A conversation over pizza and wine changed the dream of owning their own label into a reality. Starting off with a small Spring/Summer 2011 collection, they sold exclusively to only 20 boutique stores around Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney and Adelaide. A year and a half down the track, they have doubled their stockists and their Autumn/Winter collection is due to hit shelves in February and March, with plans to open stores in Western Australia later this year.

If you add to this a front cover spread on Fashion Journal’s 100th Edition and increased prominence on the pages of Melbourne’s fashion blogging culture, it seems these two 24 year-olds are on the quick road to success.

Although admitting that the reality of running and funding your own business got hard around the six month mark, the girls pushed through and weren’t scared off by the competitiveness of the industry. “In the first year of owning our business we were both working eighty hours a week minimum,” said Doherty. “But it’s good to have [the other] there to hold your hand when it gets tough.”

The girls find their point of difference in that they are the market to which they are designing for. “We create designer pieces at an affordable price. We are the market, and so we design for ourselves and other women can relate.” Ensuring  their clothing is affordable to all women will be a consistency within the Amie & Me line.

Throughout our interview a few things grabbed my attention about the two go- getters. They are both involved in every aspect of the business – both design and garment construction to the finances, advertising and promotion. Interestingly, they like to think of themselves as best friends rather than business partners. They do everything together – work, play, socialise – and yes, they even finish each other’s sentences.

“We don’t ever fight,” said De Forest, “Ammie knows me better than anyone.” “Women our age can be erratic, insane and emotional, especially when under this amount of stress, but we completely support each other.”

Both Doherty and De Forest come from a strong background of fashion – Doherty studied design at RMIT in Brunswick, and De Forest studied design and product development at Melbourne School of Fashion. Despite their extensive study the girls know that being successful requires knowledge of the industry and of running a business.

So what can we expect for Amie & Me Autumn/Winter 2011? A goddess inspired collection featuring ivories, crochets and open shoulders. “The garments are draped and free flowing but still compliment the female silhouette. The typical client is feminine with a strong undertone of female perspective. It is for strong passionate women, like us,” said Doherty. From what has been previewed so far, there is a lot to look forward too for those looking to find wardrobe pieces that are different to anything else on the market.

The Amie & Me website is due to launch this week, and listed below are some stockists from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Make sure you get down to these stores as soon as the Autumn/Winter collection arrives, because I have a feeling it wont take long to sell out.

City Dweller – Brisbane, QLD

Drobe – Fortitude Valley, QLD

A-Store – Chapel St, VIC

Liquid Clothing – Fitzroy, VIC

Toyah Boutique – Eltham, VIC

Piink Boutique – Niddrie, VIC

Tuchuzy ,NSW


To see the Amie & Me ‘Designer of the week’ feature head to !!

Layer me pretty ♥

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Ok, so here is the story. Since we are based in Melbourne Australia, issues involved with Melb are sure to come up like….our Summer weather TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! Since it has not stopped raining people are steering away from colour as they are depressed and miserable because they can not get a tan..LISTEN UP! Just because your clothes say ” I am depressed” does mean your jewellery has to as well! LAYER ME PRETTY!

DIY jewellery, layer up your bangles anything that is OTT and fabulous! I went to SPOTLIGHT the other day and just bought beads, leather, fabric etc and just started tying, cutting, sewing and ripping things apart to create little home-made masterpieces of my own ( and they are great cheap gifts with a bit of heart attached)

This rule of everything and anything layered applies to all sexes..just have a little fun with it!



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Another amazing instalment from Jared Laoumtzis. We knew the collection was going to be great, but he continuously breaks out the big guns >> Right bicep, Visionary and Left Bicep, Unique. You wont find anything else like it, and his items aren’t saturated throughout the market. So you will NOT see a million other guys with the same necklace. No sushi radio/kiss chacey embarasment here folks, 100% originality. More good news? The label has expanded to the US and UK/Europe. Check out the full collection at

WE      L<3VE      CHERRYTREE    ROAD!

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Some cool people i found on the street.

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Check out some of the cool people I have taken photo’s of around Melbourne as part of my internship at College Fashionista!