Lee Lee & Dan Dan

we wanted to create a fashion blog that would shit on everyone elses. so we did.

Fashion and a whole lot more; plus our opinion. Whether or not it counts is up to you. We are Lee Lee & Dan Dan. Two melbourne girls born and bred, with an unhealthy addiction to everything influenced by the talented inventors and creators on this planet…

Once upon a time Lina met Dani, and Dani met Lina. We hit it off. We have heaps in common, yet we are two completely different people– and we love it. Working in a crappy cafe, slaving over a coffee machine and dirty dishes we had each other at HELLO and our first shared reading session of Harper’s. Scarily enough our incurable addiction to fashion, art and anything that resembles creativity is now who we are :


we care more about fashion than politics.



Dani: Studied Fashion Business at Melbourne School of Fashion – going back to school at 24 wasn’t
my big plan in life…but hey it was so worth it! My ultimate achievement
would be to become a fashion stylist for a slamming international fashion magall in good time my friends, all in good time! For now styling shoots, liasing with models, photographers and hairstylists for shoots keeps me extremely busy but I have never been more content. My style is whatever role I wish to play that day ( if I wanna be gangster I wear high tops, if I wanna be a hippy I wear daisies in my hair…life is game of dress ups! )
fashion is a lifestyle kids not a mild interest

Lina – Studied Professional Writing and Communication at Uni only to travel to New York and realise I had to follow my true love… FASHION. Moved my life to Sydney to study at FBI Fashion College and although it was amazing (for those who live there!) it was an absolute struggle for me as I am a true Melbourne girl. My ultimate goal would be to continue to work in the Fashion Industry. Melbourne consumes me. The fashion. The culture. The lifestyle. I LOVE IT!

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