St Alexanders Kitchen – 130A Alexander Ave Thomastown


Inspired by the vintage Brunswick culture, the Saleh family have opened up a hidden gem just under our noses, in the heart of Thomastown. No matter what season the outdoor courtyard with its iron-wood heaters, makes it perfect for an after work sip or a satisfying hearty meal in the colder months. The courtyard walls are drenched with street art and the landscaping is extremely organic and playful with its white picket fences, vintage lawn furniture and fairy lights draping above like a blanket of twinkling stars. The decor is an eclectic collection of old and new. Modern stainless steels mixed with vintage furniture such as old typewriters, television sets and brass trinkets surround the room.

Taking their experience from working in such restaurants as Grossi Florentino on Bourke and The Italian now on Collins the menu is saturated with integrity. Everything from the pasta to the strawberry eton mess is home-made and delicious. The menu throughout although supplying traditional meals has a modern urban twist. Examples of this include; the mouth watering stacked pancakes with orange mascarpone and mixed berry compote or the traditional florentine served with sauteed spinach and herb mushrooms on a potato rosti drizzled with hollandaise.

Being the food connoisseurs that we think we are, we thought we’d try something for the vegetarian and the meat lover. Taking Mark Saleh’s recommendation, we were lucky enough to indulge in the vegetarian risotto made with butternut pumpkin, fried eggplant, spicy zucchini, goats cheese and tangy lemon zest. Although absolutely scrumptious we couldn’t resist the sight of the rustic sausage and peppers pizza. But it wasn’t over there, being the undeniable sweet lovers that we are, dessert wasn’t even a question. To satisfy our sweet tooth we couldn’t go past the white chocolate Nutella pizza served with vanilla bean ice-cream (We are still salivating thinking about this now!).


By this time we were extremely satisfied, even more so upon receiving our bill, on the discovery of how incredibly priced our banquet actually was! With prices from as little as $3.50 for breakfast (fruit toast with condiments) to the most being $15 (seafood pasta) for a main, you will encounter a delectable meal at an affordable price.

What we really loved most about our experience was the great atmosphere and vibe the Saleh family has brought to St Alexanders Kitchen. It was great a pleasure and honor to see the unity of this talented family and we will surely be returning soon.


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2 Responses to “St Alexanders Kitchen – 130A Alexander Ave Thomastown”

  1. August 13, 2012
    Rally great coffee and food experience
    by Kate Clough
    We are a young hip and healthy couple who have moved from Brunswick to be able to afford some land and a vegie patch for our small child, dogs and chickens. We drive to Preston (Pearl Oyster), Reservoir (Ezra Olive and Jackson Dodds) to try and find a lovely café to sit and enjoy our friends and family. Finally we do not have to drive any more and can walk to our local like we use to when we lived in Brunswick. But not only is it our local but it far better than the rest of the cafes we have become use to. Obviously the food is exceptional, otherwise I would not have spent the time writting this, but EVERYTHING else works very well too. From the opening times (its much more than a cafe its a restaurant) to the atmosphere, half decent toilet, staff, chairs, portion size, price and selection. We ate:Big breakfast, pancakes with orange mascarpone and beerries, cheese toasty, chai latte, latte, baby chino, and chocolate tart (OMG!). On another occasion we have had banana bread with something ricotta and milkshake and on another occasion, we have also had two of the pizzas and another chocolate tart. Highlights were:-scrambled egg perfection-interestingly infused bread baked in house-Chocolate tart, Chocolate tart, Chocolate tart!The only negative feedback was that the chocolate milkshake was served in a glass that was not really suitable for a 3 year old and a bit too fancy. I do have a particular like, as do my many milkshakes fan friends, for the old fashioned milkshake served in the tin it was frothed in. Also, there was not really anywhere to change my child’s nappy. I did it on the floor of the toilet which was clean but I dont generally like to do this.

  2. Mister G…

    […]St Alexanders Kitchen – 130A Alexander Ave Thomastown « street.cred.thread[…]…

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