Layer me pretty ♥

Ok, so here is the story. Since we are based in Melbourne Australia, issues involved with Melb are sure to come up like….our Summer weather TERRIBLE TERRIBLE!! Since it has not stopped raining people are steering away from colour as they are depressed and miserable because they can not get a tan..LISTEN UP! Just because your clothes say ” I am depressed” does mean your jewellery has to as well! LAYER ME PRETTY!

DIY jewellery, layer up your bangles anything that is OTT and fabulous! I went to SPOTLIGHT the other day and just bought beads, leather, fabric etc and just started tying, cutting, sewing and ripping things apart to create little home-made masterpieces of my own ( and they are great cheap gifts with a bit of heart attached)

This rule of everything and anything layered applies to all sexes..just have a little fun with it!



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