You want the Selby in your Place.


One of my best friends bought me a book for christmas. This book turned out to be (one of) my favourite presents. ‘The Selby is in your Place’ was written by Todd Selby, former fashion photographer for the likes of Vogue Paris and New York Times Magazine.

Basically, he has gone around to what he calls ‘interesting people’s homes’ and taken photos of them hanging out.

Rad. He looked around their homes and took pictures of cool stuff they owned — then he also made illustrations of them and some of their favourite possessions. The book contains over forty people (Karl Lagerfeld, Helena Christensen, Faris Badwan, Christian Louboutin) and are located in New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Las Angeles and Sydney.

The images and interviews were initially posted on his website,, and the book is a collection of his favourite visits. It’s fun to read, and it has stickers. STICKERS. You can’t say no to a book that has stickers. So get your bestfriend to buy you a copy. Or if you don’t have any friends, buy it for yourself. has copies from $23.00!!!

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