True style starts on the street.

The most common presumption is that style is born on the runway and re-birthed on the street. I have decided that most often, it is probably the other way around. Trends may be rooted to the runway and creative genius of designers around the world but true style grows out of each individual in different ways that make it impossible to replicate.

I know this because the streets of Melbourne present an entire world of fashion that has not yet been seen on any runway. If you walk around the city for any period of time you see countless numbers of fashion-forward, original and inspired individuals.

Individual style is not something that can be copied, re-made and mass produced to be sold in shops and department stores.

I have come to this realisation in beginning to write for collegefashionista … The showcase of styles on college and university campuses all around the globe say more than any runway show. For real style advice and trends (including mine, of course) check the site out and subscribe (it’s free!! YEY). Click on the link. Do it.

Do it.

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