Christmas Shopping.

As if shopping endlessly for other people isn’t bad enough already, lets add 4 hours of non-stop christmas carols, mums with prams and annoying sales assistants. NO I do not want to smell Britney Spears’ new fragrance.

I went to Chadstone Shopping centre today, to get my shopping all out of the way. Well, most of it anyway. I did look around at what was there however, and apart from a few award winning labels the rest was all bullshit. Sass & Bide is still pulling the same old $650 crappy dress with bits cut out of it, Tigerlily is charging $299 for a throw-over-your-bathers dress. No thanks.

What was quite refreshing however was my trip into the Vans store where I bought my best friends Christmas Shopping. One, they weren’t playing Christmas Carols, Two; No mums with prams and three; the sales assistants were awesome. Similarly, I found a bathers top in Speedo (!!????WTF SPEEDO? I hear you ask) well, yes. Speedo. They have actually got some awesome stuff in for the summer so I suggest you check it out.

I also dangerously wandered into Santini (the shoe store), where I fell in love with a pair of boots from the label ‘Soles.’ I have recently purchased a pair from this brand and I absolutely ADORE them. Of course, they didn’t have my size. So I came home and tried to find them online which is when I came across a site of gold. It is called – buy your shoes online. They stock Tony Bianco, Soles, RMK, Birkenstock, Mollini, Siren and Windsor Smith just to name a few. Another plus?? Free delivery in Australia. You can’t get any better than that.

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  1. Hi Dani and Kirbs,

    great article and I really love your blog! I am also glad, that you found the boots you were looking for! I added your blog to our StyleTread blogroll under – Would you be so kind and also activate our link in your article above or add us to your blogroll?


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