Naked Ambition?

London Fashion Week 2010… It wouldn’t happen anywhere else. French-born Charlie Le Mindu launched his label just one year ago– however his label has already hijacked the headlines with the amazing head wear, which has included wigs in the shape of the eiffel tower.

His statement at last years Fashion Week unveiled a full face headdress made of real mice and rat carcasses … (EW). Needless to say he outraged animal activists. When asked if he was worried about the public opinion regarding the carcasses he said “It’s better to make them beautiful than give them to the snakes…”

errrrrr. riiiiiiiiiight. If you say so.

This year Le Mindu sent his models down the runway completely naked. An interesting strategy, apparently the crowd didn’t know where to look. How about at the hats? No surprise that one of Le Mindu’s biggest fans is Lady GaGa…

Le Mindu is now based in his studio in East London.

Here are some of the pics from his show…


Well I guess the headwear is nice?


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