What I’m Watching..

Yes I am a self-procclaimed eBay fanatic… I am quite addicted to shopping all over the world online and eBay offers everything… and by everything I mean EVERYTHING. I think the greatest aspect of the worlds largest market is the notion that you can purchase something and not see anyone else wearing it. At least in your own country.

You can purchase vintage items from all over the world! The prices are absolute bargains.

My only tip? Don’t bid on an item until there is about 10 seconds to go, and round the number up to the nearest 10. It’s a never fail procedure I guarantee it. Happy bidding!

Here are two items I am watching at the moment, the dress is for sale at a starting amount of $9.99 (bargain). And the blazer is available on a buy it now for $68…


3 Responses to “What I’m Watching..”

  1. Yes Kirby you ARE addicted hahah LOVE DANI
    streetcredthread = awesome ♥

  2. haha if anyone bids on my items….. DEATH!!!!!

    but seriously.
    i want them, so eyes off.

    kirbs ❤

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