we will be Voy-eurges.

We love Maurie & Eve’s new collection–

‘Voy-eur.’ so much that I’ve already

purchased half the godamn thing.

Consistantly delivering effing hot yet wearable style. First label to recieve a tenoutoften from the streetcredthread panel.

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2 Responses to “we will be Voy-eurges.”

  1. Stephen Meagher-Muchien Says:

    Dear Kirby and Dani ,

    Dani , you’re not to be blamed ; after all , one should be able to rely on a Journalism student to pick up the typo’s and grammatical errors , eh . Aah well …

    Actually , heartiest congratulations to you both ! I’ve only the vaguest notions as to how blogging is actually supposed to work but what you’ve here is dead impressive for a beginning : strong graphics ; clear fonts interestingly placed ; excellent photographs .

    But a question , if I may : what about the dwarves ?

    There is a distinct lack of design critique of clothing options available to the vertically challenged , with particular respect to swimwear and leisurewear . Were the wee folk to take it into their heads to leap into a wading pool of green jelly and wrestle , how should they be dressed ? Speeos ? Boardies ? Surely there MUST be more options .

    I feel that as serious fashionistas you should give this matter your urgent attention .

    Regards ,
    Stephen .

  2. I love this collection too…especially the harem pants..SUPER COOL!
    cant wait to get some for myself! xx


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